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Appleton Rum Tour

The Appleton Rum Tour offers a journey through history that dated back over 200+ years since 1749, that has a tradition of magnificent blending of its flagship product (Appleton Rum) and other legal distilled flavours of rums . The Appleton Estate which encompasses over 11,000 acres of sugar cane,sugar refinery, and distillery, is nestled in […]

The Blue Lagoon

One of the most legendary and famous place in Jamaica among local and visitors alike from all over the world.The widely popular travel destination is located in Port Antonio, Portland..Once called the Blue Hole and was thought to be bottomless before divers dove to the dept of around 180 feet approximately. A area where warm […]

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blue mountain

The Blue Mountain Jamaica

The Blue Mountain, Jamaica’s highest peak is 7,402 feet above sea level, and the highest mountain with the largest continuous valley range found anywhere in the Caribbean. Renown around the world for its famous coffee which is sold at premium price. It is a hikers and campers Paradise. It stretches over four parishes that dominate […]

Zimbali Retreat

Seek and you shall find. Looking for inner peace, comfort, something to do for your physical and spiritual health? Why not take a trip to Zimbali? Zimbali Retreats is a 7 acre farm with over 300 years history located in the Cainaan Mountains, a 45 minutes drive away from Negril , nestled between the communities […]