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blue mountain

The Blue Mountain, Jamaica’s highest peak is 7,402 feet above sea level, and the highest mountain with the largest continuous valley range found anywhere in the Caribbean. Renown around the world for its famous coffee which is sold at premium price. It is a hikers and campers Paradise. It stretches over four parishes that dominate the eastern third of the island. The Blue Mountain rises to its elevation from the eastern coastal plains to about 9.9 miles(16km) thus producing one of the steepest general terrains in the world. It has a summit that rise and fall for 24 miles and is 14 miles at its widest point. Its temperature fluctuates depending on an active rainy season. It may be from around 80•F (27•C) at sea level to approximately 40•F(5•C). The Blue Mountains is home to several of Jamaica’s endemic flora and fauna: over 500 species of flowering plants ,up to 200 different species of birds, and the second largest butterfly in the world.

Taking a trip to the blue mountain away from the plains, busy resort towns and white sand beaches will allow you to experience Jamaica in a new and special way….a world seemingly undiscovered . Most Jamaicans like to take that 4 hr hike to the peak starting in the early hrs of the morning around 2 am with an experienced tour guide. When you gear up and set off on the rugged trail of the mountain along with good company canopied by the clear morning sky filled with glowing stars giving you partial night vision, don’t be afraid your captivating journey has just begun. As you use your beaming flashlight to make clearer view of shadows created by trees that block the natural light, soon daybreak will make everything more visible … your pace increase with every inch you take as u get closer to your destination -the vistas topography of the area outlined, giving you the most magnificent view of the sunrise.

As you get that warmth from the morning sun coming up spreading colourful rays of light over the mist-laced mountain ,sloping valley, ferns ,wildflowers, towering pine and eucalyptus trees that give a spectacular blanket of the surroundings. you will be serenaded by a myriad of birds as well as insects and wildlife that echo in the distant a symphonic wilderness tune. On a clear day you can see Buff Bay, Port Antonio , Navy Island to the north ,St Thomas coastline, Kingston, and Portmore to the south. You might even be lucky to spot the shadowy dot of a ship from Cuba 90 miles off the north coast of Jamaica. With an exclamation of accomplishing that you have reached the pinnacle, you can now relax and breath in the fresh crisp mountain air, while your body is embraced and caressed by the strong winds that flows around. At this point you know u have just conquered Jamaica’s highest peak.

Even though the mountain stretches over St, Mary, St Thomas, Portland , and St Andrew its preferred access points are from Portland, Kingston and St Andrew. A trip to the mountain has a lot to offer, you don’t have to do the traditional peak tour…you may stay overnight in a Mountain villa, or lodge, wake up to freshly brewed coffee, sit out and bird watch, see plants and fruits that are grown nowhere else on the island. You may hike in the daylight and enjoy various hiking trails and enjoy mother nature like nowhere else. A visit to the Blue Mountain includes the Blue & John Crow Mountains National Park / Forest Reserves and the beautiful fairytale and tranquil Cinchona Botanical Gardens, maintained by the Jamaican government .

So if you love to hike, love nature and a challenge take a trip to the Blue Mountain. It will be a scenic, thrilling, and memorable experience. There is no other place quite like it on the island.

Tour Facts:
• Have to stay overnight.
• Accommodation needed (arranged with extra cost).
• Hiking expenses is separate from accommodation and transfer.
• Have interest in this tour? Let us help you find accommodation and arrange hiking guide.
• This tour need planning in advance of making the trip (via email / phone).
• Round trip to hotel.
• Location….Portland / St Andrew / Kingston.

• Sleeping over in the blue mountains
• Hiking up Jamaica tallest mountain
• Watching the sunrise
• Taking breathtaking photos
• Experiencing landscape seen by few
• Waking up to freshly brewed Blue Mountain Coffee


Tour Prices:

Group Categories
Rates includes roud-trip 
1 – 4 persons
5 and above
$110 each


Additional Expenses: (Price paid on site)

$ open
$ open
Special Hiking Guide
$ open

NOTICE: You’re interest on this tour? Contact us in advance to make all necessary arrangements. Change to.
NOTICE: Are you interested in this tour? Contact us in advance to make all necessary arrangements.


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