The Blue Lagoon

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One of the most legendary and famous place in Jamaica among local and visitors alike from all over the world.The widely popular travel destination is located in Port Antonio, Portland..Once called the Blue Hole and was thought to be bottomless before divers dove to the dept of around 180 feet approximately. A area where warm salt water  from the Caribbean Sea and fresh cold water from underground springs(popular known as the fountain of youth) combine to give a wonderful bathing experience.

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If you ever visit the popular spot you may get a familiar feel interestingly only because you might have watched the ‘Brook Shield’ movie the Blue  Lagoon that was film there on site. Guided boat rides and rafting are very popular on the Blue Lagoon, where you get to learn  its history and hear stories of famous people who have lived, bought and own property in the surroundings area.


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The Blue Lagoon has a magnificently beautiful view and ambiance as it is legendary, with a magical display of different colours (turquoise blue, deep sapphire, or even royal blue) changing throughout  the day upon the reflection of  the golden sun rays that shines upon its surface, along with the mirrored effect the water gives to the lush green surroundings.

There are no regrets in doing this tour….you will be thrilled with the experience.

Tour Facts:
• Location…..Portland, JA.
• Price include round trip.

• Boat ride, or rafting on the Blue Lagoon.
• Bathe in the fountain of youth mineral water.
• Take breathtaking Photos.

Tour Prices:

Group Categories
Rates includes roud-trip, entrance fee and rafting
1 – 2 persons
3 – 4 persons
5 and above
$120 each



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