Rose Hall Great House

Rose Hall Great House

Rose Hall Great House, one of the most famous house in Jamaica, and most famed for the story of its late mistress Annie Palmer…..(White Witch of Rose Hall). Annie Palmer born in England to an English mother and Irish dad spent most of her life in Haiti. When her parents died from yellow fever, she was adopted by her nanny who thought her witchcraft and voodoo. Later as an adult she moved to Jamaica and married the late John Palmer, rich owner of Rose Hall Plantation.

Annie Palmer was widely feared, was believed to possed evil witch-working powers, vicious, controlling, and not one to have mercy on who disobey her rules ,or not give into her conniving ways. As tale has it, Annee murdered John Palmer along with two subsequent husbands and numerous male plantation slaves who was her lovers. She was later murdered in a rage of jealousy by a slave name ‘Takoo’.

The magnificent Rose Hall Great House that was built in the 1770s cost around 30,000 pounds sterling in those days, has panoramic view of the the plantation it reigned over. Back then it was considered one of the finest Georgian Mansions on the the island. Partially ruined in the 1831 slave rebellion and was left uninhabited for several years. Over the years the tale grew stronger of it being a haunted house, putting fear in anyone who dared to trespass on the Rose Hall Great House property….fearing an encounter with the ghost of Annie Palmer.

The Rose Hall Great House was restored in the 1960s to its former splendour with mahogany floors, interior windows and doorways, panelling and wooden ceilings. It is decorated with silky wall paper painted with palms and birds, ornamented with chandeliers, and furnished with mainly European antiques. It also has a lovely bar and restaurant downstairs.

There are no historical evidence to substantiate this tale other than the book perpetuated by H.G. de Lisser’s novel published in 1929, and claims by visitors who had visited the great house of ghostly images that appeared in photos taken, and hearing footsteps and loud screams in the quiet hall ways.

Rose Hall was bought in 1977 by former Miss USA Michelle Rollings and her entrepreneur husband John Rollings, it was refurbished and conceptualised into a haunted great house tour and museum that showcase Rose Hall’s history including its antique contents and original fittings. There is also a night tour that focuses on the ‘Annee Palmer’ legend. This takes you through supposed locations of underground tunnels, bloodstained walls, haunting and murders.

While in Jamaica visit the Great House, see if you can capture a ghostly image of the infamous ’ White Witch’. Take a guided tour of the former home of Jamaica’s Annee Palmer. You will hear captivating and chilling stories of love, murder, ghost sightings, and mystery by knowledgeable guides. Afterwards take a trip down to Annie’s Pub in the dungeon and have one of the famous rum cocktails known as ‘Witches Brew’ to calm your nerves.

Tour Facts:
• Length of tour is about 45 minutes
• Night tours : Saturday – Thursday 6 pm to 10 pm
• Night tours : Friday — 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm
• Recommended age : All ages from six (6) yrs old and above, however, the night tours may be a little too scary for kids
• Location….Montego Bay, JA.

• Tour infamous haunted house.


Tour Prices:

Group Categories
Rates includes roud-trip and entrance fee
1 – 2 persons
3 – 4 persons
5 and above
$60 each




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