Roaring River Cave & Nature Park

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Looking forward to doing something outdoors while in Jamaica? Want to do something that is not too commercialized: has a lot of cultural history, involves a local village and the local villagers? Then Roaring River Cave and Nature Park is a good place to go see. Oversee by Roaring River Citizens Association….a local community group that provides guided tours to visitors.The Roaring River that pops up from deep underground gains its name affectionately from a heavy roaring sound that you will hear when the tides get high during the rainy season . It is the most important source of water in central Westmoreland , the Georges Plain area, and provides the parish capital Savanna la mar with its water supply.
The dungeon-like cave descents some 21 meters below ground. It will give visitors a scintillating trek, a place to commune with nature and a glimpse of a different time in Jamaica’s history dated back to over 3 centuries ago. The deeper in you go every slight whisper is echoed by the cave’s walls, As you look around inside this ancient bat haven walls, it will stir your imagination by its natural shape and its ability to present mental images, or profile of rock art that was carved by mother nature and resembles different things that come from one’s creative imagination.

Listen to tales about Africans slaves and Tainos (Arawak Indian speaking tribes) who have trodden through the series of caverns , slaves that sought refuge and solace there, Tainos performing holy rituals and even history suggested blood sacrifices.Take a swim in the bottomless pool that has catered to many divers from around the world trying to dive to the deepest point of it. There are stories of one diver who managed to reach the depth of 150 meters but met upon a strong current and had to immerged. Don’t want to swim? Just get a body scrub with soil from the cave’s natural spa, a rock mineral pool that has sulphur deposit into it , as you enjoy fresh water flowing from underground that claimed to have mineral properties and healing power.

A spelunker’s dream with its stalagmite, stalactites , intricate combination of maze-like pillows ,and hollows carved by the natural action of water with calcium deposit dripping and flowing for centuries over the soft limestone surface.

1. Paradise ‘Jungle’ Park.
2. Abeokuta ‘Paradise’ Nature Park.

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Tour Facts:
• Price includes roundtrip to hotel.
• Location…Westmoreland, JA.

• Tour Cave
• Swim in bottomless pool
• Learn about cave’s history and surrounding area
• Enjoy natural spa experience
• Round trip to hotel


Tour Prices:

Group Categories
Rates includes roud-trip and entrance fee
1 – 2 persons
3 – 4 persons
5 and above
$62 each



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