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A ruined city off the southeast coast of Kingston…..capital city of Jamaica. Once a mecca for pirates (privateers), buccaneers, captains, sailors and admirals far from shores close to their homeland searching for the new world.
It has long past its former glory days when it thrived and reigned in the 16th and 17th centuries
It was originally colonized by the Spanish, but was attacked and captured by the English in 1655 after Admiral Penn and Venables under orders from the monarchy in England had failed to capture Santo Domingo, Hispaniola. Not wanting to go home empty-handed to England they attacked and captured the lightly fortified and sparsely populated town.
Years past and the English constructed a forte on the natural harbor that had the width and depth to hold many large ships at the same time. A few years later , because of the harbor’s geographical location making it a good transshipment point, a town sprung up that was called Cagway, which was later named Port Royal in 1660.
Fort Charles became very operational but still had less than needed manpower to defend it in the event the Spaniards wanted to reclaim it. Making good logistic and economical sense the admirals begun inviting privateers, and buccaneers to set up shops to sell their spoils that they robbed on the high seas in exchange for their help in fighting the Spanish if they ever tried to attack and reclaim the harbor.
A well needed partnership was forged that benefited both parties. In the years that followed the pirates, and buccaneers caused mayhem on the waters attacking all Spanish ships, and plundering towns along the Spanish main which is now (south America). It became so lucrative and beneficial for everyone who got involved in the illegal activity, but not before long the town got overrun by privateers once it started to gain fame as a pirate haven….lawlessness was rampant; drunkenness ,smuggling, stolen treasure, slave trade, decadence, you name it.
With all that outlawed behavior the town was also thriving in legitimate trades such as sugar and other raw materials like timber. As the small town grew into a thriving city the demographics changed along with its growth. It wasn’t only home to many of the world’s infamous pirates such as Henry Morgan and Calico Jack, but saw many people with different religious background started settle, because of the loose attitude the city had towards religions; such as….Anglicans, Judaizers , Puritans, Presbyterians and Catholics. With new settlement and improved infrastructures Port Royal became a very important place while all its merchants got wealthy
It all came crashing down on June 7, 1662 when a massive earthquake and tsunami shook and drenched Port Royal, sinking 33 out of 51 acres of densely populated area, buried bodies were unearthed, buildings sunk and got twisted out of shape, and ships were flung on dry land. Around 2000 died instantly. That number increase shortly thereafter to around 5000, because of injuries and diseases, after that many of the remaining residents went across the harbour to settle in what is now called Kingston City. Others stayed and tried to rebuild, but 11 years after the town was razed by fire. Years followed and many ravishing hurricane destroyed what was left of it. Many thought the destruction of the city was a punishment from God for the wicked things that took place there.
Today what is left of Port Royal, is a small fishing village known for local delicious seafood dishes. Some of the 300+ years buildings are still in tack, and the area still has a lot to offer archaeologically for historians and visitors . It’s one of those places in Jamaica that is worthwhile visiting, because it’s very rich in Jamaican history. There is a small and extremely informative museum on site, filled with artefacts rescued from the sea floor. The small community that remains there today still has a lot to be proud of from is left its glory days. The St Peter’s Anglican church that was built in 1762 to replace the church that was destroyed in 1692, you can find the tombstone of Louis Galdy who was alleged to have been swallowed up by the earth during the earthquake, then flung back into sea and later washed ashore by strong waves are part of their history. So is the giddy house (Royal Artillery Store) that will really make you giddy once you go inside. Visiting Port Royal Jamaica will open your eyes and remind you of another time in Jamaica’s history


1. Bob Marley Museum.

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• Location…Kingston, JA.

• Tour infamous city sunk by tsunami and earthquake, and see what’s left of it.


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