Negril Round-Town and Transfer


“One of the Top 10 Beaches in the World”

Negril is a small, but widely popular beach resort town, which boasts seven (7) miles of white sand beach that stretches across two Jamaican parishes, Westmoreland and Hanover.

The name Negril is a shortened version of Punto de Negrillo (Spanish for : little black spot) and was originally named by the Spaniards in 1494. The name is thought to have arrived from the black cliffs south of the village (Negril Town), or as another theory has it, it was named because there was a vast population of eels along the Negril coast.

Negril’s development as a resort began during the late 1950s up to the 1970s with expats and hippies seeking peaceful heaven from the US mainland . Most vacationers rented rooms inside the home of Jamaican families , or would pitch a tent in locals yards.The area’s hospitable reputable reputation grew over time and the first of many resorts was constructed in the mid to late 1960s.

Today, Negril town has grown into a very popular tourist destination, yet it is still unchanged in a lot of significant ways. This is undoubtedly factor to its charm, with its beach being rated by many travel magazine as one pf the top ten beaches in the world

Over a period of time Negril has seen major development along the famed beach strip: popular hotel chains, places for live entertainment, night clubs, bars and restaurants, craft markets, and stores for duty free shopping. The West End Road (One Love Drive), is located on the extreme west of the island, on it stands a Belgian engineered lighthouse protecting seafarers from the dramatic cliffs, that is lined with resorts that offer more privacy and secludedness. These areas offer easy access to water for snorkeling, scuba diving, jumping points from the cliff reaching more than 40 feet and popular spots to watch Negril’s ever so captivating sunsets.

Not forgetting Negril’s robust town center (Square) its business hub with banks, cambios, fast food franchises, police station, health center, grocery stores…etc.

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Tour Facts

• Negril Cliffs.
• Seven miles white sand beach.
• Sunset at Rick’s Cafe / Lighthouse tour.
• Shoping.
• Cambio / Bank.
• Round trip transfer to various bars and restaurant.
• Round trip transfer to nightclubs and beach parties with live. entertainment.


Group Categories
Price (Round Trip)
Per Extra (Round Trip)
1-2 Persons
$10 Each
Day Beach Trip
1-2 Persons
$10 Each
Rick’s Cafe, Sunset/Cliff Diving
1-2 Persons
$15 Each
1-2 Persons
$8 Each
Negril Golf Club
1-2 Persons
$20 Each
Night Clubs
1-2 Persons
$ Open
$ Open
Beach Parties (After Dark)
1-2 Persons
$ Open
$ Open


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